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The OTIESA organization generally has from 90-100 school administrators that attend their fall (November) and spring (March) conferences.  The organization consists of supervisors, principals, directors, and coordinators who administer and  support career-technical education within the State of Ohio.  In learning more about OTIESA, the following information may be helpful.


OTIESA - Purposes

· To develop high professional standards for its members.

· To unite in a common bond all persons involved in supervision, administration, and coordination of Trade and Industrial Education in Ohio.

· To serve as a communication system between members, legislative groups, business and industry, the Ohio Department of Education  Office of Career Technical Education, or other groups concerning Trade and Industrial Education.

· To provide professional development for those involved in Trade and Industrial Education.

· To actively participate in matters of mutual concern with legislative bodies, the State Board of Education, the State Advisory Committee, and others functioning for the welfare and interests of pupils and employees concerned with the Trade and Industrial Education Programs.


OTIESA - Membership

Active membership is available to all individuals who hold valid certification or license and function as a Director, Supervisor, or Coordinator of Trade and Industrial Education Programs.  Associate membership shall be open to those persons who will support the goals and objectives of this association, and Career Technical Education in Ohio.


OTIESA - Executive Council


Past President:  Tim Updike, Buckeye Hills CC

President:     Russel Croswaite, Great Oaks CDC

President-Elect: Elissa Heal, Sentinel CC

Secretary: Sue Kilbarger, Eastland CC

Treasurer: Carol Healy, Akron City Schools

Northeast: Ted Slankard, Maplewood CC

North Central: Jerry Pavlik, Lorain County JVS

Northwest: Elissa Heal, Sentinel CC

Southeast: Laura Bowers, C-TEC

South Central: Mike Miller, Delaware CC

Southwest: Mike Sparks Greene County CC

Corrections: Brian Lee

Legislative: Bryan Jackson, Miami Valley CTC


ODE Asst. Director, I&E, Linda O’Connor

SkillsUSA Ohio: Mike Cowles



Ohio Trade and Industrial Education Supervisors Association

General Information

OTIESA Fall Conference

Nov. 10-11

Embassy Suites

Columbus, Ohio




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