2022 State Championships

May, 3-4 


Join us in celebrating 70 years!

The SkillsUSA Ohio State Championships brings over 5000 competitors, business and industry partners, instructors, and vendors together in over 100 contests in all 16 Career Pathways to showcase Career and Technical Education in Ohio. Students compete for the title of best in Ohio in their respective career fields. This prestigious event has something for everyone.

Along with competitions students get a chance to campaign for the opportunity to be selected to be one of seven every year to hold the title of State Officer in the yearly delegate assembly and officer elections. Ohio Business and Industry display their products and offer employment opportunities for students at the SkillsUSA Ohio Techspo.


Students that are interested in learning more about SkillsUSA and the Championships can register to participate in the SkillsUSA Ohio Leadership Experience and Championships tour led by SkillsUSA Ohio Alumni and State Advisors. These students will experience a "sneak peak" of all that SkillsUSA Ohio has to offer, and receive a guided tour of the Championships while interacting with business and industry partners. 

Automotive Refinishing

Three-C Body Shops Inc.

2300 Briggs Rd.

Columbus, OH 43223

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Collision Repair Technology

Three-C Body Shops Inc.

2300 Briggs Rd.

Columbus, OH 43223

Tuesday, May 3, 2022


Computerized Damage Appraisal

Three-C Body Shops Inc.

2300 Briggs Rd.

Columbus, OH 43223

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Audio/Radio Production

Will take place at GrooveU on

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Commercial Baking Competition

Will take place at Columbus State on 

Friday, April 29, 2022

Heavy Equipment Operations 

Will take place at Local 18 Operators Union Training Center 4250 Soldiers Home Rd Miamisburg, OH 45342


Saturday, April 30, 2022


Precision Machining STATEWIDE

Super Regional

Will take place at Sinclair Community College


Friday April 22, 2022






Students may have a regional contest to qualify for the State Championships-refer to the specific regional pages to determine if a regional contest is held for your students competition.

Straight to State for 2022

Please note the following contests have moved Straight to State for 2022 and may have a virtual component prior to May 3, 2022

•Basic Healthcare Skills

•Customer Service

•Extemporaneous Speaking

•First Aid CPR

•Health Knowledge Bowl

•Job interview

•Job Skill Demo A

•Job Skill Demo Open

•Medical Math

•Medical Terminology

•Nurse Assisting

•Opening and Closing Ceremonies


•Prepared Speech

•Promotional Bulletin Board

•Related Technical Math

All Contests are created in accordance with the
2021-2022 National Technical Standards-these are
available with your professional membership.


State Championships Competition Standards will be posted by March 20, 2022 or
as they are finalized by contest coordinators-
these will have contest specific information regarding Ohio Contests.


Students running for office must take the qualifying test and submit an application by the deadline.

State and National Membership is required by the registration deadline to participate in the SkillsUSA Ohio State Championships.

All other Rules and Regulations can be found
in the SkillsUSA Ohio Program Guidelines.


Unexpected and unforeseen changes may occur, SkillsUSA takes ever measure to get up to date information out quickly. Check back frequently for updates and make sure you are registered for the SkillsUSA Ohio Newsletter to stay up to date.

  • Compete in your field of study or choose from many leadership contests

  • Run for State Office

  • Elect future leaders as a State Voting Delegate

  • Volunteer with our State Courtesy Corps 

  • Attend leadership development workshops, Career Success Fair, and visit with business and industry partners


Concrete Wall

May 3rd, 2022
The Greater Columbus Convention Center

This year we will be offering the Second Annual SkillsUSA Ohio Exploration Experience for students who are not competing to experience SkillsUSA Ohio and the Championships
What is it?
A Leadership experience to get students excited about SkillsUSA and
their local chapters led by State Advisors and Alumni.

Who can participate?
SkillsUSA Ohio Student Observers looking to experience
SkillsUSA Ohio Leadership Programming and the SkillsUSA Ohio State Championships

Cost: $25/Student-This will include lunch voucher and cost of materials

FOR NON-MEMBERS wishing to take part-
Please complete this form and return it to



2022 SkillsUSA Ohio State Championships Competition Standards
(for use in conjunction with the National Technical Standards)


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Want to continue your work in SkillsUSA Ohio?

Want to be a part of our ever-growing events?

Help us continue to foster great SkillsUSA members!



2022 SkillsUSA Ohio Promotional State Championships Pin, T-Shirt, and National Banner Design Winners

SkillsUSA Ohio sponsored the 2022 Promotional Pin and T-shirt Design Challenge! The purpose of the challenge is to provide designs for a commemorative pin and T-shirt for the 2022 SkillsUSA Ohio State Championships.

SkillsUSA Ohio is proud to announce and congratulate the winners of the 2022 Promotional Pin and T-shirt Design Challenge. 

Pin Design Challenge Winner

State Officer Brinkli Hayes from Springfield-Clark Technology Center

T-Shirt Design Challenge Winner

Jayda McQueen from Miami Valley Career Technology Center

Congratulations to the winners above on their creativity!