SkillsUSA Ohio

State Championship Staff

Bonnie Crim

B Hall Leader

Christine Tredent

A Hall Leader

Elissa Heal

Leadership Pod Supervisor

Jennifer Widdig

Leadership Pod Leader

Jill Jameson

Truck/Delivery Supervisor

Josh Szwec

C/D Hall Leader / Utilities Team

Kevin Thomas

Dock Courtesy Corps Supervisor

Lindsey Smith

Scoring Team

Marvin Miller

Utilities Team Supervisor / D Hall Leader

Mike Haydn

C Hall Leader

Rick Stringer

Dock/Forklift Leader

Sara Plozay

B Hall Supervisor / Leadership Exploration Experience Coordinator

Sharon Bethel

Leadership Pod Team / Opening Ceremony / Delegate Team

Toby Prinsen

C Hall Supervisor / CAD Drawing Expert

Warren Caskey

Dock Team Courtesy Corps Leader

Vicky Pate

A Hall Leader / Dock Team

Sue Burleson

B Hall Leader (Cosmetology)

Ceron Williams

Utilities Team / D Hall Leader

Bryan Jackson

B/C Hall Leader (Technology)

Darin Lewis

A Hall Leader / Dock Leader

Fay Felske

B Hall Supervisor (Health)

Jerry Koenig

Dock/Forklift Leader

John Reedy

Dock/Forklift Leader

Kelly Kramer

D Hall Supervisor

Leigh Thompson

Leadership Pod Leader / Delegate Integrity Team Leader

Manda Jackson

Scoring Team Supervisor

Melinda O'Connor

Courtesy Corps Supervisor

Owen Williams

C Hall Leader

Sara Diehl

Scoring Team

Shane Schooley

Utilities Team Leader

Steve Strelecky

C Hall Leader

Tom Cremeans

B Hall Leader (Health)

John Bartolucci

Dock Traffic Supervisor

Sam Jones

Leadership Pod Leader

Sheri Strelecky

Store Supervisor

Danny Tripier

A Hall Leader

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SkillsUSA Ohio is a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit association of 32,000 member students and educators partnering with business and industry to ensure that America has a globally competitive skilled workforce.


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