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2024 Fall Leadership Conference
 November 14-15, 2024
(The Greater Columbus Convention Center)

The High School Fall Leadership Conference is the premier professional development opportunity for High School SkillsUSA students and advisors. This conference is open to all students, advisors, and administrators with SkillsUSA members enrolled or are that are interested in getting students enrolled in SkillsUSA.


Fall Leadership Conference is divided into 3 tracks, one for student leaders (potential school officers), one for regional officer candidates, and one for voting delegates. These students will get a variety of opportunities based on which track they participate in. Statesman awards can be earned by students completing each of the sessions.


This year's Conference will once again focus on providing "tools in the registrant's success tool box" that students can use in and out of SkillsUSA. Sessions will focus around chapter development, the new program of work, business and industry led sessions and other exciting engagement opportunities. Students will have the option to choose their own path and choose from over 30 different professional development sessions. 


Statesman awards can be earned by students completing each of the sessions. Student's that are looking to take their experiences to the "next level" can include serve Voting Delegates or Regional Officer Candidates giving students a front row seat to choosing their student leaders. Students will get a variety of opportunities based on the sessions that they choose. We will be able to offer a wide range of sessions on a variety of topics this year and will have a number of industry partners teaching sessions and sitting on industry panels ready to answer student's questions about employment (please scroll down to see a sample of the sessions).


Regular Registration: $55 per registrant 


  • Register all attendees for the conference on the  website by October 17, 2024.



Conference Brief and Instructions

All of the conference details and Frequently asked questions. 

Convention Center Parking

Convention Center Bus Parking

Schools have the option to pre-pay for parking through the Convention Center.

(Attendees are also welcome to search and pay for their parking each day of the event.)





Advisor Session Agenda




Want to pay your experience forward? 

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for 2024

  • Career Coaching: Identifying Your Dream Job

  • Chapter Delegate Orientation

  • Chapter Excellence Program

  • Difficult Conversations: Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

  • Effective Communication & Networking

  • Fall Down?: How to Get Back Up

  • Financial Management: Budgeting

  • Financial Management: Understanding Credit

  • How to Create an Experienced Chapter

  • Industry Panels

    • Arts & Communications, Health Science, Hospitality & Tourism, Human Services, Marketing

    • Business Administration, Engineering & Science Technologies, Finance, Manufacturing

    • Construction Technologies, Education & Training, Information Technology

    • Government & Public Administration, Law & Public Safety, Transportation Systems

  • Leadership 101

  • Personal Branding in Social Media and Every Day

  • Professional Etiquette

  • Regional Officer Candidate Orientation

  • Resume Writing & Building

  • SkillsUSA 101

  • So You Want to Start Your Own Business?

  • Taking Pride in Your Work: Why It’s Crucial

  • The Alumni Experience

  • Time & Project Management

  • Understanding and Appreciating Differences in the Workplace

  • Volunteerism & Community Service


Regional Officer Instructor Packet

Regional Officer Application

(Located in above packet must be submitted by October 17, 2024)

Must request test code from

by October 17, 2024

Have passing score of 80% on Regional Officer Screen test

All must be accomplished to qualify for candidacy


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