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Collection of Trophies

The "SkillsUSA Ohio Lifetime Professional Achievement Award" is to recognize those who have served SkillsUSA in a significant way for an extended period of their career beyond being a school advisor. These individuals have been involved with making major strides in the organization to ensure student success and have truly embodied the SkillsUSA core beliefs and values.


An individual's contributions may fall in one or more of the following areas:

  •      Advancement in the organization

  •      Development of student programs

  •      Success and innovation of state conference/competitions

  •      Increasing industry partnerships in the organization

  •      Service to the organization

  •      Advance of the status or visibility of the field

Eligibility Requirements

  • Nomination can be submitted by student, staff member, board member or advisor or any other person related to SkillsUSA Ohio. Must have served at least 5 years outside of the classroom.

  • Can be current or past Staff, Board Member, or State Advisor.

  • Must have had an impact on students or the organization as a whole.

  • The nominee should be at or near retirement.

  • The submission should include:

                 - The nominee’s name, school, and years of


                 - A clear-cut, comprehensive description of

                   the nominee’s major contributions to the


                 - At least three reasons the nominee is

                   deserving of the award.

Click here to complete the nomination form for the SkillsUSA Ohio Lifetime Professional Achievement Award. 

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