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CAREER DECISIONS: An Introduction to our 16 Pathways to Success

Throughout our lives, we face many important decisions that ultimately shape who we are and who we become. When we encounter these life-changing decisions, the amount of stress and pressure can become hard to manage and navigate. One of the biggest challenges in life can be identifying what career to pursue. At SkillsUSA Ohio, we aim to provide students with many skills that can span across multiple career fields and focus on the skills that one may need for a specific career.

Once a student identifies their interest, SkillsUSA Ohio offers 16 pathways, along with local institutions, industry partners, and seasoned instructors, to help build your skill profile. Working alongside teachers, mentors, and peers, students benefit from hands-o

n participation in their field of choice, but first, they must investigate their interests.

What to Consider when Choosing a Pathway

  • Conduct a self-assessment. Take a hard look at yourself and your interests. What motivates you? What strengths do you have? Who do you want to impact? Asking yourself these tough questions and honestly answering them will help you narrow down your fields of choice. Do not forget to identify what you do not want to do as well.

  • Make a list. Create a starting point by jotting down careers that appeal to you. Keeping what you learned from your self-assessment in mind, choose things that interest you and you would excel at.

  • Research. By reviewing SkillsUSA Ohio pathways, and conducting your own research, narrow your list down after educating yourself on your initial chosen careers. Reaching out to others in the career field, asking questions, or reading insights can help you make your decisions.

  • Revise and reflect. Take all the information you gathered about yourself, your interests, your strengths and weaknesses, and the fields you are interested in, and choose something that works best for your skills and personality.

SkillsUSA Ohio 16 Pathways

SkillsUSA Ohio wants to assist students in career fulfillment through countless resources, instruction, and support. We are proud to offer 16 pathways to success for our students with amazing offerings, programs, and instruction for everyone. A career decision will point the student to one of these pathways and by joining our program, we will facilitate an incredible learning experience to prepare them for the workforce.

  1. Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources

  2. Architecture & Construction

  3. Arts, Audio/Video Technology, & Communication

  4. Business Management & Administration

  5. Education & Training

  6. Finance

  7. Government & Public Administration

  8. Health Science

  9. Hospitality & Tourism

  10. Human Services

  11. Information Technology

  12. Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security

  13. Manufacturing

  14. Marketing

  15. Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

  16. Transportation, Distribution & Logistics


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