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Instructors Guide for Creating Local Contests 2021

Four steps to make it easy to plan and run a GREAT Local Contest!

Professional Membership will get you access to the National Technical Standards and MUCH more! Look at the Contests and see which you want to participate in.

1). What Skills have you already covered with your students?

  • Pick skills you already grade students on that you already have a rubric for

  • You can use a contest as a cumulative assessment of a student’s skills up to that point in the school year

  • Make it manageable (especially your first year). Focus on assessing skill, not the project

2). Contact your Advisory Committee Members to serve as judges and supply prizes and contest materials.

  • This will encourage advisory committee engagement in your classroom

  • Increases opportunities for your students to interact with business and industry, and achieve placement (if applicable)

  • Local advisory committee members are willing to help, but they need to know specifically what you need — what supplies, judges, prizes, etc.

  • Everyone loves prizes! Use it as an incentive to get students excited


  • They will mirror your excitement about it (if you see it as a chore, so will they)

4.) Have students contact school administration/school board, local media, and community leaders

  • This is a great opportunity to being attention to your program in the local community (great recruitment tool)

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