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Paying it Forward with Miller Electric: "We believe in investing in the next generation"

Updated: May 24, 2021

Miller is “about partnership and work” as they take on the welding industry by building advanced products and meeting crucial needs by promoting welding safety and health, focusing on solutions and building things that matter. This is why partnering with SkillsUSA Ohio is such an important focus for Miller. The idea of helping to mold the next generation of skilled welders ranks high on their priority list. From existing welders participating in SkillsUSA programs, to helping students develop their trade in a safe and productive manner, working with SkillsUSA Ohio was an easy choice and an easy way to pay it forward.

Why SkillsUSA Ohio?

When talking with Craig Eppley, district manager in Westerville, Ohio, it was clear their relationship with SkillsUSA Ohio was incredibly beneficial. Miller first participated with SkillsUSA Ohio in 2017 and coordinated the fabrication contest in 2019.

“We believe in investing in the next generation of welders and fabricators. Woody Hayes said it best, Pay it Forward.”

There are so many direct benefits partnering with industry leaders and exposing our students to professionals who can help mold them as they take their next steps into their careers. Eppley describes some of the values of working with SkillsUSA Ohio as:

“The opportunity to share new technology with the students and their instructors. The opportunity to network with leaders in our industry and learn from each other.”

Preparing for the Workforce

In the welding industry, preparing for the workforce is key. Students need to establish all the skills needed to provide strong, safe, and efficient products. This is a key requirement to being successful in the industry, your career, and your productivity. When asked how SkillsUSA Ohio prepares students better for entering the workforce, Eppley highlighted the relevancy SkillsUSA Ohio provides when students continue their journey into the welding and fabricating industries.

“It teaches them the hard skills of course, but it is also investing in the soft skills. Both are necessary to achieve full potential. I like the internships and contests. That interaction with the real world provides the students with perspective.”

And when it comes to enhancing your skills, members of SkillsUSA Ohio have a leg up on the competition. According to Eppley, these soft skills they focus on, working under pressure, and working in teams, are all values taught in the SkillsUSA Ohio program that will only benefit students when entering the world of welding and fabrication. This is one way we pay it forward to the next generation.

Some Key Contacts

Miller has established dozens of productive relationships through SkillsUSA Ohio, and works closely with them to continue the philosophy of paying it forward. Some of these key contacts are:

Steve Strelecky of CTEC

Andy Taylor with Fort Hayes

Brian Huston of Eastland Career Center

Miller on SkillsUSA Ohio

“We are pleased to be a part of SkillsUSA Ohio and impressed with the leadership and team members in this organization. It is a standout amongst the other states Miller works with across the country!”


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