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Start Your School Year Off Great and Get Excited About SkillsUSA by Scheduling a School Visit!

It is that time of year when we start to see advertisements for school supplies, and back-to-school shopping, and stumble upon dedicated back-to-school sections in our local Target or grocery store. We love this time of year as we start preparing for new opportunities and new discoveries. This year brings even more anticipation as we have live, in-person competitions, meetings, training, and more! Another exciting opportunity is conducting school visits to engage and inform students and faculty about all things SkillsUSA Ohio.

Covering the entirety of Ohio, SkillsUSA Ohio has divided the state into 6 regions and will answer school visit requests within those regions this fall.

With so many ways to engage with our program, we understand that clarification is helpful when navigating our competitions, curriculum, programs, and opportunities. School visits serve as a way to not only communicate but also to connect. Our vision is to produce the most highly skilled workforce in the world, providing every member the opportunity for career success, and part of that is being available to our members for guidance and resources. Taking advantage of the school visits and asking questions can help your school and your students get everything out of the program to help them achieve their goals in school and in life.

Catered to What you Need

School visits are not uniform, in fact, they are designed specifically with your school and your needs in mind. When completing a request, there is a section dedicated to what topics you would like us to focus on when we visit your school as well as whom you want us to speak to. When the new year begins, there are new students and faculty that may require more information on our program and what we do. Each school has different needs, so we make sure to design our talk around what those needs are.

We can conduct a visit with instructors, students, school administrators, or any other specific group that requires information. Some examples of topics covered include:

· School Kick-Off

· New Administrator Meeting

· Faculty Engagement Meeting

· CEP (Chapter Excellence Program)

· Curriculum & Framework

· How to Start a SkillsUSA Ohio Chapter

· Local Officers

· National Officers

· Competitions

· Pathways

· And so much more...

These visits are a fantastic way to energize, inform, and inspire students and faculty alike about SkillsUSA Ohio and all the amazing opportunities we can provide. Additionally, it is a beneficial forum to address any questions you may have relating to all the numerous topics.

How to Schedule a School Visit

Scheduling a school visit with us is easy! Visit this link and fill out the google request form to get the process started. We will be in contact with you to finalize and confirm the details before visiting your school. There are three deadlines:

August 14th: First round of school visits request forms due

September 4th: Second round of school visits request forms due

September 30th: Third round of school visits request forms due

That gives you THREE chances to get your form completed to secure a visit to your school. As the summer starts to come to an end, we are beyond excited to get things rolling this next school year! We want to meet you, visit your school, talk to the students, and start making dreams come true. Don’t forget to fill out a school visit request form today!

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