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State Advisors: Teachers Helping Teachers & Students

Within the foundation of SkillsUSA and SkillsUSA Ohio, there is a passion for education, vocation, and fostering professional and personal growth. The organization focuses on creating real-life scenarios and offering opportunities for our students and instructors to grow. There are many titles and roles that mirror this idea, one being elected a State Advisor.

The Purpose

The State Advisor Program was developed to create a sustainable plan to support the SkillsUSA Ohio organization at leadership events and with chapter development. This program utilizes teachers looking to help foster the SkillsUSA message and help spread their success stories about SkillsUSA to other teachers and schools. Plainly said, they are our SkillsUSA Ohio advocates, informers, & organizers. They make a minimum of six school visits per year to help grow and develop their individual chapters. Individuals elected to be State Advisors are driven, responsible, instructors, public speakers, and so much more.

State Advisors teach teachers and students in their local chapters about the framework, competitions, and curriculum needed to obtain success as a SkillsUSA Member. They are your point of contact regarding questions, concerns, programs, and events and help their local chapter to successfully flourish, engage, and conquer the school year! This elected position is an honor and is offered to individuals who believe in the mission of SkillsUSA Ohio and the value of skilled trades and workforce development.

The Duties

SkillsUSA Ohio State Advisors are entrusted leaders of the organization and as such, are obligated to uphold their duties and responsibilities in this role. You can go to your State Advisors and expect them to be able to:

  • Understand the mission and goals of SkillsUSA Ohio

  • Understand the SkillsUSA Ohio bylaws

  • Understand the SkillsUSA creed, know it from memory and be able to recite it

  • Be familiar with the organizational structure and policies of SkillsUSA Ohio

  • Understand and correctly use parliamentary procedures

  • Memorize appropriate ceremonies and rituals

  • Attend all meetings

  • Be prepared to conduct organization and state meetings

  • Be prepared to serve as a speaker

  • Be loyal to SkillsUSA Ohio

  • Assist other officers to accomplish tasks

  • Practice good speaking and writing skills as they represent the association

  • Be helpful, respectful, and responsible to all people

The Process

Six state advisors are selected from every region by means of application and interview. After the application is received, the initial interview will be conducted by current State Advisors and the SkillsUSA Ohio State Director, with the possibility of follow-up group interviews. Once elected, the term is three years, with the first year considered a residency with an assigned mentor to help to learn the process and obtain an in-depth understanding of SkillsUSA Ohio. This process allows for our new State Advisors to have access to tools and resources to learn everything they need to know to succeed in this role. Additionally, State Advisors have the opportunity to participate in training, conferences, and state competitions.

If you are passionate about SkillsUSA Ohio and are interested in becoming a State Advisor, you can visit our website to learn more here or fill out an application using this link. Join an amazing team of educators and help us to grow and develop our chapters here in the Buckeye State!


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