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Teachers helping teachers and students

The State Advisor Program was developed to create a sustainable plan to support the SkillsUSA Ohio Organization at leadership events and with chapter development. This program utilizes teachers looking to help foster the SkillsUSA Message and help spread their success stories about SkillsUSA to other teachers and schools.  

Structure and Selection Process:
6 State Advisors will be selected from every region by an application and interview process. The application must be signed by the applicant’s administration, acknowledging that time out of the classroom will be required. If not enough applications are received from a single region by Fall Leadership Conference every year SkillsUSA Ohio reserves the right to fill vacancies with applicants from other regions. A State Advisor’s term will be 3 years and may be extended if both parties (SkillsUSA Ohio and the State Advisor) wish to continue. The initial interview will be conducted by current State Advisors and the SkillsUSA Ohio State Director, follow up group interviews may be scheduled based on group dynamics. The group interview may include but are not limited to members of the SkillsUSA Ohio State Championships staff, other State Advisors, and members of the Ohio Department of Education. Once selected the State Advisor will need to serve a 1 year residency, each new State Advisor will be assigned a mentor (current state staff) to help them learn the process and begin to get an in-depth understanding of SkillsUSA Ohio.

State Advisors are expected to uphold the SkillsUSA Ohio Code of Conduct at all times, to serve exclusively as SkillsUSA Ohio State Advisors at Mandatory Events (Minimal to no school responsibilities) and to attend the following programs:

Roles at any event will be determined based on the needs of the conference, the assets, skills, and interests of each advisor; the goal is to ensure that we are providing the best experience for all of the members of SkillsUSA Ohio.

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State Advisor Training - Fall and Spring (1 Day)

Fall Leadership Conference - November (2-3 days)

Regional Competitions-February/March (1 day)

State Conference-April (3-4 days)


6 School Visits throughout the year to help with chapter development.

Be a contact for your region for questions by phone or email.


Summer Leadership Camp-July (4  days)

Deer Creek Advisor Training-October (2 days)

Regional Officer Training Institute-January (4days)

State Certified Trainer- As Assigned

STATE ADVISORS 2024 - 2025


Toby Prinsen
Apollo Career Center


Fay Felske
EHOVE Career Center


Warren Caskey
Wayne County Career Center


Melinda O'Connor

Lakeland CC


Sara Plozay

Upper Valley Career Center

Kelly Kramer

Miami Valley CTC


Vicky Pate

Fort Hayes Career Center


Tom Cremeans
Meigs High School

Todd Mitchell

Ohio Valley Career and Technology Center

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