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SkillsUSA Ohio


October 3 - October 4, 


The SkillsUSA Ohio Advisor Training is an exciting opportunity for both new and veteran advisors. This year's training is at the Scenic Deer Creek State Park. We will have a number of speakers and field experts that will be facilitating this exciting 2 days of sessions. Sessions will be interactive, and will cover topics from across the SkillsUSA spectrum; focusing on the Program of Work, the SkillsUSA Framework, how to integrate SkillsUSA into the classroom, and how to get students engaged and keep them engaged. Over the 2 days, we will help assist new advisors in actually building their chapter and getting them started on the right foot. Experienced advisors will have the chance to network with others and add more SkillsUSA 'tools" to their toolbox. Sessions are taught by the SkillsUSA Ohio State Advisors, select local advisors, select school administrators, the SkillsUSA Ohio State Director, along with many others! This is a great way to get your SkillsUSA Chapter excited, and engaged and ensure students and advisors alike have a great SkillsUSA Experience!  

**This conference is highly recommended for new instructors/advisors to SkillsUSA**

2024 (Tentative) Advisor Training Agenda

Registration Fee: $275




All Meals, Training Sessions, Networking Event on Thursday Evening, Special Curriculum Package to compliment the training and a SkillsUSA Ohio Advisor polo shirt.


PLEASE NOTE: HOTEL ROOMS ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE REGISTRATION. Call Deer Creek State Park at 740-869-2020 for reservations.

Want to know what this training looks like?

Watch this short Video Below

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