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National Program of Work

The heart of SkillsUSA is the program of work or what your chapter is going to do. It is the activities and projects—the plan of action—that your chapter will carry out during the school year.

The national Program of Work (POW) sets the pace for SkillsUSA nationwide. The expectation is that each chapter will carry out this program of work. All of the SkillsUSA programs are in some way related to the following seven major goals.

Professional Development

To prepare each SkillsUSA member for entry into the workforce and provide a foundation for success in a career. Becoming a professional does not stop with acquiring a skill, but involves an increased awareness of the meaning of good citizenship and the importance of labor and management in the world of work.

Community Service

To promote and improve good will and understanding among all segments of the community through services donated by SkillsUSA chapters, and to instill in its members a lifetime commitment to community service.


To increase student awareness of quality job practices and attitudes, and to increase the opportunities for employer contact and eventual employment.

Ways & Means

To plan and participate in fundraising activities to allow all members to carry out the chapter’s projects. See our special Chapter Fundraising section for more information.

SkillsUSA Championships

To offer students the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and be recognized for them through competitive activities in occupational areas and leadership.

Public Relations

To make the general public aware of the good work that students in career and technical education are doing to better themselves and their community, state, nation and world.

Social Activities

To increase cooperation in the school and community through activities that allow SkillsUSA members to get to know each other in something other than a business or classroom setting.

The students should discuss and develop their own plan. Your role is to help them select activities which relate to their vocational training and to guide them as they develop their personal skills in communications, organization, planning and follow-through.

Chapter activities will provide some of the best opportunities your students will have to learn by doing. A successful program of work creates a positive learning atmosphere in the classroom and shop. Your students learn how to accept responsibility, work as a team, manage a budget, and handle success and failure.

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