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2021 State Championship details released

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

The SkillsUSA Ohio State Championships this year will be hybrid. This means we are contacting each Contest Coordinator and developing a plan individually for every contest.

There are four primary delivery methods:

  • LIVE Off-site: Regular live contest held at an off-site location.

  • In-School Judging: A judge or team of judges will come to a school with the project and watch the student build the project in the school.

  • Proctored-Virtual: Students will be responsible for securing an “industry proctor.” This person will be in charge of camera filming and be the “hands” of the virtual judging team.

  • Virtual Contest Model: This will be employed for our leadership contests and our presentation contests. Dropbox will also be used for students to submit any notebooks or other documentation.

Contest Coordinator needs:

We are looking for contest coordinators for Aviation Maintenance and First Aid/CPR. If you know someone, please let us know at or As a reminder, if we do not find a coordinator the contest will not run.


  • Graphic Communications will not run at State Championships this year. Instead, we are enacting a new State-Only Contest to serve more students and expand opportunities. The Contest will be called Commercial Graphics and will focus on the aspects of design including meeting with clients to identify their needs and developing a design for designated projected based on that client interview.

  • State Officer Candidates: Due to the timeline of this year’s Championships, for the first time ever we will allow students who would like to run for office and compete to do so. Please encourage your students to take advantage of this incredible opportunity!

For more information or to download the powerpoint from the meeting on December 18, 2020, please visit:

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