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On the last installment of our SkillsUSA Ohio career pathways series, we are wrapping it up with the details and programs related to the following four pathways:

  1. Manufacturing

  2. Marketing

  3. Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

  4. Transportation, Distribution, & Logistics

Students searching for guidance and training within these 4 areas will benefit from the SkillsUSA Ohio programs. Following the SkillsUSA framework and working directly with seasoned instructors specializing in these fields, students will build knowledge and confidence as they take their next steps into the workforce. Building essential soft and hard skills, providing encouragement, and fostering growth and communication, students will take part in comprehensive hands-on programs and experiences that will provide them with firsthand knowledge they can refer to for the remainder of their professional careers. Partnering with great educational institutions and industry leaders, SkillsUSA Ohio helps students succeed and reach their career goals.


Entering a career in manufacturing means a lot of hard concise work with a large toolbox of soft and hard skills to drive new products either directly from raw materials or from a combination of existing components. These careers usually reside in a factory, plant, or mill and focus on products rendered, not services. Providing a substantial foundation to our economy and communities, manufacturing careers offer jobs, growth, innovation, and smart business management. This field, however, can also span into small businesses that are manufacturing a product, making the career field vast and plentiful. Studying these trades can provide students with many skills that can cross over into many different careers and can help with career transitions or planning. Students will receive extensive comprehensive training from instructors with firsthand knowledge and experience within the manufacturing field, helping them to fill their toolbox as they learn, grow, and develop their skills. Some of the responsibilities falling into this pathway for careers include:

  • Planning

  • Managing materials

  • Processing materials into products

  • Time management and staff organization

  • Technical knowledge and support

  • Production planning and control

  • Product Maintenance

  • Process Engineering

  • Plus many, many more

Ohio SkillsUSA Members supporting this pathway include:


The marketing pathway is an ideal field of study for creative minds, organized and logical thinkers, and a passion for innovative thinking. Promoting brands, studying target audiences, tracking trends, internet traffic, and pop culture are just some of the exciting aspects of this career choice. Students interested in a career in marketing will work alongside others to research market trends, social media marketing, advertising, and ad placement, and brand research. Marketing is a key function in promoting products and services, helping individuals grow their businesses while introducing their products and services to consumers. With SkillsUSA Ohio, learn the best practices and techniques to become prepared for the marketing career you dream of.

Some of the responsibilities falling into this pathway for careers include:

  • People skills, personal connections

  • Innovative ideas and thinking

  • Planning and execution

  • Market, target audience, and brand research

  • Communication skills

  • Writing and grammar skills

  • Time management

  • Creativity and design

  • Plus many, many more

Ohio SkillsUSA Members supporting this pathway include:

Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics

Also known as STEM, this career pathway encourages fact-finding, discovery, creativity, and an understanding of complex structural properties, including biology of humans, plants, and animals, archeologists & anthropologists, atmospheric and space studies, and advanced mathematics. For the curious mind that wants to attempt to explain the unexplained, build the next new machine, discover the next new species, or solve the unsolvable equation, the STEM pathway is your pathway. SkillsUSA partners with amazing instructors and educators to help you expand your thinking, understand the scientific process, and look where others have not looked before to accomplish amazing things and begin your journey into this vast and profoundly important career field. Some of the responsibilities falling into this pathway for careers include:

  • Science Skills

  • Technology Skills

  • Mathematical skills and understanding

  • Planning

  • Scientific research and study

  • Laboratory testing

  • Innovative thinking

  • Project management of study

  • Hypothesis, equations, testing, and solution processes

  • Plus, many, many more

Ohio SkillsUSA Members supporting this pathway include:

Transportation, Distribution, & Logistics

One of the unsung heroes of our production and manufacturing industries is the brilliant minds of those in transportation, distribution, & logistics. Working behind the scenes to orchestrate the delivery of everyday products as well as time-sensitive products, to the retail space, medical facility, or directly to the consumer. Facilitating routes, distribution of goods, and identifying the best transportation method to get it there, is a key role in the industry machine. Students who identify with this pathway will get hands-on experiences alongside industry specialists to see firsthand how intricate this process is and what skills are needed to be successful at it. Coordinating delivery efforts with logistical support and identifying transportation are all pieces of getting the item from point A to point B and we know the skills to help you be ready in your future role. Some of the responsibilities falling into this pathway for careers include:

  • Planning

  • Management and movement of people, materials, and goods

  • Support services

  • Transportation infrastructure planning and management

  • Logistics services

  • Mobile equipment and facility maintenance

  • Detailed knowledge on moving goods by road, pipeline, air, rail, and water

  • Organizational skills

  • Tracking

  • Plus, many, many more

Ohio SkillsUSA Members supporting this pathway include:

To learn more about these Pathways and ways to get involved, contact us today and learn more about what SkillsUSA Ohio can do for your career development!


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